Motoz Mousse Tubes
  • Motoz Mousse Tubes

Motoz Mousse Tubes

Size: 110/100-18

Motoz Super Mousse

Why Choose Motoz Super Mousse?

  • Motoz Super Mousse replaces conventional inner tube to prevent punctures.
  • Tried and tested formula, specially developed for best balance between light weight and rebound response.
  • Made from butyl with our unique sphero-nitrogenic structure technology for optimum performance.
  • Inflation equivalent 13 psi, varies depending of tyre brand and ambient heat.
  • Practical service life of 6 - 12 months (depending on use of application).
  • Designed for off road use only, NHS (Not for Highway Service) not for use on public roads.
  • Maximum speed is 130 km/h for short periods.
  • Works with stock rims and tires.
  • Although every effort is made to ensure provided information is correct, Motoz accepts no liability for any errors or any consequences which may arise due to such errors. Motoz also reserves the right to change specifications, discontinue or introduce new products without prior notice.
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