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J-Mount Montana 650* GPS Silicone Bracket
  • J-Mount Montana 650* GPS Silicone Bracket
  • J-Mount Montana 650* GPS Silicone Bracket

J-Mount Montana 650* GPS Silicone Bracket


The latest J-Mount product ( September 2021 ) features an all new look with saving weight in mind. It has a total weight of 250grams, utilizing the same patent as the single Etrex super light .The Montana J-Mount is manufactured with an inner support plastic cage and then fully encapsulated in silicone giving the mount a rigid soft silicone feel. This means that you can still remove your GPS with no tools by simply stretching the silicone open over your device like previous J-Mounts

The new lightweight and beautiful design is achieved by a thin rigid plastic inner support. Although this support will have some flex it will eventually break with excessive use and force but due to it being encapsulated in silicone the mount still works perfectly and you should not be alarmed. the small breaks in your plastic cage will not effect the aesthetic or functionality of the mount at all and it will still work the same as new

What makes this a premium Montana Mount

  • Lightweight design (250g)
  • modern and unique appearance
  • soft silicone encapsulation gives it a premium feel
  • easy removal of GPS (no tools needed)
  • safer for the GPS and the rider due to crumple zones
  • flat base or handlebar options
  • horizonal and vertical mounting options
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