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Orders - Garmin Etrex 20x GPS or Garmin Etrex Alloy Bracket


Trail Master organizes hardcore GPS Trail rides. Riders and Teams of 2 or 3 riders are set off at 1 minute intervals.

We organize the accommodation, fuel stops, fuel drops, lunch and dinner, however riders must pay\supply for all accommodation, Fuel, all food, all drinks and a GPS Track.


All rules and regulations are available on our

Group Facebook Page (Registration is required)


Required on our Rides

  •  Garmin mounted GPS

  •  Registered motorbike

  •  Australian\international bike license

  •  2 man team are recommended

  •  Good condition bike

  •  Must carry your mobile phone with you

  •  Sense of adventure


Facebook Group


This is a closed group and only registered members will be added

All rides, reports and photo's

will be added to

this group.


Annual Registration is $10


Join Trail Master


2017 Events Calendar


2018 Events Calendar

  •  Single Track is always the option to select

  •  Carry a Rope

  •  Gold, Silver and Bronze tracks will be available

  •  Riders and teams start at 1 minute intervals

  •  Registration Form must be completed


We visit the following areas

  •  NSW Central Coast

  •  NSW Hunter

  •  NSW Blue Mountains

  •  NSW South Coast


Contact us at Trail Master for more information or join Trail Master


For Members Only

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