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1.    Description

This is not a race or an event. It is a Trail Ride and is open to all members of Trail Master and is by invitation only. Tracks are downloaded to your GPS and you follow the set track on your GPS. You choose Experts or Clubman tracks to follow. You will be riding all day! Unless you are very quick!




2.    Membership and Responsibility

A Trail Master membership is required to take part on any of our rides. This will keep unwanted people out of Trail Master and make sure we remain secret. Sharing of photos and videos must remain in Trail Master and not be posted to open public forums or groups. As a member of Trail Master, you become accountable for where we ride and we must remain a secret to all but members of Trail Master. Your membership will not be accepted until payment is received. If payment is not processed at the time of membership registration, a bank transfer must be received, or your membership may\will be cancelled and you must register for membership again. All payments are through Bank Transfer. Track managers are exempt from the membership fee, but must still complete the membership form. Track Managers are required to perform track clearing in the area's that we ride. We have to look after our tracks.


Once you have joined, you will be added to Trail Master Private group. All events and information will be posted to this group


If you are found sharing the GPS tracks with anybody other than myself, you will be banned from Trail Master.


Each rider will have the following responsibilities

  •     You are responsible for your own actions

  •     It is your responsibility to find your way to the finish, overnight stop or back to your vehicle

  •     If your bike breaks down, it is your responsibility to get it back to your vehicle. The service crew will do there best to help you.

  •     If you hurt yourself in any way or form, it is your teams (and other riders) responsibility to get help you as much as needed. This is a fun ride after all.

  •     If you come across a rider that has crashed or injured themselves, please help that rider.

  •     If you donít like what you have read or want to complain, stay at home

3.    Venues

All venues and Dates will be confirmed when they become available and may\will include the following areas

  •     Sunny Corner

  •     Nowra

  •     Watagans

  •     Cessnock\Cedar Creek

  •     Dalmeny

  •     Coff's Harbour

  •     Dungog\Barrington Tops

  •     Bright

  •     Batemans Bay

  •     Clarence

  •     Ben Bullen

  •     Bulahdelah\Stroud

  •     Mogo

  •     East Lynne  


4.    Registration

All rides must register online with the website link and must pay before arriving at the ride. Only register if you intend to ride! Please do not indicate that you will be attending the event on Facebook until you have completed the online registration. 


Registration fees will be determined per event and will be based per day and may\will include the following where required (but not be exclusive too).  

  •     Service Crew

  •     Transport of your Fuel to the Service Point and Service Crew Costs

  •     Lunch Refreshments and Drinks

  •     GPS Tracks

  •     Track preparation, Clearing and Design

  •     Time Keeping and tracking for each Day

  •     Raffle of any Sponsored Goods

  •     Accommodation

  •     Insurance

  •     Membership


This fee will be payable on registration and your registration will not be accepted until payment is received.


5.    Teams\Riders

  •     Riders can ride as an individual or in teams of 2 or 3 only.

  •     All riders must have a Garmin mounted GPS

  •     All Riders must supply their own Fuel. Only 10 Litre containers will be accepted and will be required to be handed to the service crew at the start of each day. The number of drums will be determined for each ride. Please make sure your name is on your drum

  •     Riders must be over 18

  •     Riders must hold and carry a valid Australian Bike Licence

  •     Riders must carry Liquids, Rope, Mobile Phone, Hand saw, money and tools to repair their own bike, including punctures

  •     Riders must print a copy of all the current rider contact numbers for the event and carry it with you on the ride.

  •     Teams\Riders will be seeded and allocated a start time for each day. Riders in a team will start on the same minute

  •     Please make sure that you check out on your minute with the starter before you leave


7.    Bikes

  •     Bikes must be registered and reliable

  •     Have a working head and tail light

  •     Be quietly silenced

  •     Have good tyres and brakes

  •     Must be able to do up to 90Km on 1 tank of fuel

  •     Must have the allocated Rider number on the head light and must be visible to the service crew.

  •     2 Stroke riders must curry there own 2 stroke oil


8.    Time Schedule

  •     This will be published in the final Instructions


9.   Tracks, GPS and Waypoints

  •     Saturday Tracks may be emailed to all registered riders or downloaded to your GPS on Friday night..

  •     The maximum length between refuels will be no longer than 90km

  •     All GPS Tracks to follow, will be as follows

    •  Experts - Black

    •  Clubman - Blue

  •     If you leave the course for any reason, are running late (ie itís getting dark) break down or hurt yourself - you must let the Track Manager and the Service Crew know by Text message or phone call

  •     All GPSís must have your name and class labelled on it - GPS tracks will not be loaded to unidentified GPS units.

  •     Only Garmin GPSís will have tracks loaded to it

  •     All tracks will be named as follows

    •  D1E1 - 28Km-2h, which means Day 1 Experts Section 1 and you have 28Km to go and it's going to take you 2 hours.

    •  D2C3 - 45Km-3h, which means Day 2 Clubman Section 3 and you have 45Km to go and it's going to take you 3 hours.

  •     Check Points & Service Points will be named as follows

    •     CP05 - Pole Point

    •     CP07 - SP1 (Lunch & Fuel)


12.         Tracks\Class

  •     Experts Ė This is for riders that like hard Enduro riding with steep up and down hills, sometimes having to push and lift your bike over obstacles. Your physical fitness, mental stability and ability to deal with pain should be excellent. You have to keep moving at a good pace to complete the day with no rests except for the designated service points. This is equivalent to Romania Silver or Bronze and in some sections Gold.

  •     Clubman - You like riding good Enduro trails and have some Enduro racing experience with solid Enduro riding and technical skills. Your physical fitness, mental stability and ability to deal with pain should have been tested before. You should be able to quickly recover a fluent riding style after dragging your bike though sections that you have never considered riding before. Riding pace is a little slower than Gold, but you still got to keep moving. This is equivalent to Romania Bronze or Iron and in some sections Silver.

14.   Timing

Timing may be used and your time taken to complete the course may be calculated.

  •     All rides must check out before starting each days track

  •     All riders must start on their allocated minute

  •     Your time of arrival may be recorded at the service points for safety reasons

  •     There is NO compulsory stop time at any control or service points, stopping time is optional. However, time has been including in your ride schedule for these stops from 15 to 45 minutes.

  •     All riders must hand there GPS in at the end of day 1 and their recorded tracks will be downloaded and checked. Day 2 tracks must be emailed on Monday.

  •     If no GPS is handed in or emailed and no recorded tracks can be found on your GPS, you will be classified as DSQ

  •     Positions will be calculated based on the rider who completes all of the course in the least time

  •     Any missed Check\service points will result in a DNF!

  •     Starting times will be published and itís the rider responsibility to start on time. If a rider starts before there allocated start time, they will incur a 15-minute penalty plus the number of minutes that they left early.

  •     All riders must get their names crossed off with the starter, before starting on the course. Failure will result in a 15-minute penalty plus the number of minutes (if any) that they left early.

  •     All riders must get their names crossed off with the finisher when they get back to the finish line, regardless of whether they have DNFíed or not. This will help us determine if any rider is still out in the bush after dark or if they are home and safe.

  •     You must leave the Service Points before the cut off time on your schedule or you will not have enough time to finish the whole course. The Service Crew will leave the control at the cut-off time as specified on the riderís schedule. If you are running Later than the cut-off time, it is recommended that you short cut the track as required.

  •     If you are running Early and there is no Service Crew, please make a note of your arrival time and wait for him, you will need fuel and food.


15.    General

  •  Please respect our hosts\starting area at all times

  •  Do not litter

  •  Do not rip the grass up

  •  Presentation\Raffles (if available) will be held on Saturday night of Day 1 for each ride

  •  Keep quite

  •  Final Instructions may be emailed to Registered Riders and will override these Rules








 These rules may change at any time.

 If you have any suggestions that will improve our rides, please email  Trail Master








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Last modified: 12/01/20