Garmin GPS Brackets



New Silicon Double Etrex 20/30 GPS Bracket are now available in stock for KTM's only. Allows you to carry 2 GPS Etrex 20\30 units at the same time with one GPS set at 80m for turns coming up and the second unit set at 200\300m to see where the track goes.


The Garmin GPS Bracket, is CNC machined from Billet 6082 Aluminium. Originally designed with a screw down lid, but through personal experience and direct input from some of the worlds best Hard Enduro riders, the unit was changed to a flip lid unit. This change now allows for quick access, to allow the changing of batteries and also for spot checks by marshals. There is a window in the rear of Bracket to allow for use with a power cable. We can supply Garmin Etrex 20/30x, Touch 35, Montana 600/650 and Garmin 62/64 GPS brackets.








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Last modified: 16/11/18