Time Keeping



At Enduro World, we can provide Time Keeping for your Event. This will allow you to concentrate on running and managing your event without the worry of also running Time Keeping for your event.

Features and Requirements with Time Keeping

1. Each Bike is to be allocated a unique number that must be displayed on the front and both sides of the motorcycle

2. Each Rider is to display this number on both sides of there helmet

3. One person is to be provided by your organization to assist with time keeping

4. We use the latest technology with smart phones and the web

5. Live Results can be provided

6. Any type of event can be run wether it be a mult-lap sprint, 3 hour cross country or a multi-day enduro 

7. Starts can be by individual rider, group starts or mass start

8. Multiple categories can be used






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Last modified: 12/01/20