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It doesn't matter what type of event you want to organize, Online Registration always makes running events easier and quicker.

Online registration can be used for the following events and more.


  •  Mountain Bike Races

  •  Off-Road Enduro Competitions

  •  Dirt Bike Tours

  •  Golf Tournaments

  •  Wedding Invitations

  •  Club Memberships

  •  Training Classes

  •  21'st Birthday Parties

  •  Dance Competitions

  •  Running Marathons

  •  Bike Testing Days

  •  Company Conferences

  •  Mailing List

  •  Vehicle Repair Registrations


Online event registration allows your organisation to get participants to register for your event before the event starts. It allows you know how many participants will be at your event beforehand.

This makes planning for your event and time schedules much easier to set up and control, as you can do them before your event starts.
Payment by the entrant is done up front and therefore signing up on the day is much quicker and less hassle. No need to deal with cash or finding the right change. Registered entrants just sign on.


On-Line Payments

On-Line payment can be set up and linked to your registration form therefore making things on the day much quicker with less hassle. No need to deal with cash or finding the right change. Registered entrants just sign on and process the payment on-line.

We support all major payment systems like PayPal, Authorize.net, Chargify, Stripe and more. You may choose fully integrated payments or payment redirection, depending on which processor you want to use.




  •  It's quick, easier and cost effective

  •  If bad weather is predicted, you can email all entrants that the event is postponed and registrations can be carried forward.

  •  Any changes to formats, time schedules, requirements etc can be sent to all registered participants

  •  Final instructions can be emailed to all registered participants

  •  A list of registered participants can be published to your website or Facebook page as they register. Registered participants can then check that they have entered the correct information

  •  Other information can be checked for accuracy.

  •  Other systems can be preloaded with all the registered participants information.

  •  A Confirmation email is sent to the registered participant and event organisers receive a copy of the registration as well as a csv line to import into excel. This allows organises to control or monitor registrations received

  •  Can limit the number of entrants for your event

  •  Can display graphical information on certain grouping.

  •  Can set early or late registration fees.

  •  Links into web pages, facebook etc

  •  Know how many registrations are received.

  •  Can have any type of field in the form

  •  Direct payment to your bank account using your Paypal Account

  •  Multi Languages

  •  Confirmation sent to registered participant

  •  Anti-spam control

  •  Registered participants can attach and upload an attachment file

  •  Multiple Time Zones

  •  Your Company Logo can be used



Your first Online Registration is FREE.

The Online Registration cost is $1.00 (plus 10% admin fee) per the registration per day. This can be included in the registration fee for the entrant, so your company or organisation does not actually pay for this investment to help run your event quicker and easier.

Included in this cost is the following

1.       Online Registration Form

2.       On-Line Payments with Paypal

3.       Online Calendar update in EW Calendar with free advertising and a link to your registration form

4.       Up to date and interactive List of Registered Participants

5.    An email of every registry

6.    Facebook Event in Enduro World


 Need more information, please email events@enduroworld.com.au


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Last modified: 04/08/17